If you’re looking for a reliable and trustworthy housekeeping service in Manhattan, you’ve landed exactly where you need to be.

Sterling Maids is Manhattan’s premier housekeeping service for a simple reason. Because our clients are thoroughly satisfied at every step.

Even booking your house cleaner is simple and easy at Sterling Maids. We’ve got a fast, secure, and convenient online booking system for your convenience so that in less than 5 minutes you can have a Manhattan housekeeper scheduled to take care of your home.housekeeping services manhattan 2
Our Manhattan Housekeepers Go Above and Beyond with a Smile…

When you read our reviews you’ll see that people love how friendly our housekeepers are. We all enjoy what we do, and frankly…we do it very well.

All of our staff is evaluated monthly so that we know they’re always providing you with housekeeping service that will keep you coming back home. Also we want you so impressed that you tell all of your friends about our Manhattan housekeeping company. Much of our business comes from referrals and there’s good reason for that.

Our housekeepers have one thing on their minds. YOUR satisfaction.

We know our staff. We hand pick them. So if they’re not happy, smiling, and hard working individuals… they have no place within our company. We hire only the people that we’d want and trust to clean our own homes. We are now known as the best housekeeping services Manhattan has to offer for nothing.

Our Manhattan Housekeepers Treat Your Home Like a Castle

You can guarantee that we’ll treat your home as good (if not better) than our own. Using eco-friendly cleaning products your home will be safe, the environment will remain healthy, and you’re home will be clean.

One reviewer described her bathroom as “Hospital clean without the chemical smell.” We’re very proud to constantly receive reviews and feedback just like that.

This is a 5-star cleaning service, and you’ll quickly notice that once your Sterling Maid leaves your home, you’ll feel as though you were just in 5 Star hotel.

One word of warning: It WILL be difficult to leave your fresh clean home once our Manhattan housekeeping service has finished.

Safety Comes First With Our Housekeeping Services Manhattan …

Of course you’re wondering about having someone you don’t know in your home, touching your stuff, perhaps even cleaning while you’re not home.

One of the things that makes Sterling Maids NYC safe is the fact that we thoroughly screen our employees before we hire them. We do extensive criminal background checks and reference checks. Our people must check out or we don’t hire them. The housekeepers that we do hire are first rate. Your home is absolutely safe with our Manhattan house cleaning service…we can guarantee it.

Why You Should Try the Best Housekeeping Services Manhattan Has To Offer Today!

housekeeping services new yorkIt’s pretty simple actually.

Right now you’re thinking that the last thing that you want to have to do is spend precious free time cleaning your home. Maybe you have kids and that time would certainly be more well spent with them of course.

Or maybe you just would rather do anything else. Who wouldn’t? I’ll tell you who… the housekeeping staff here at Sterling Maids. We love doing what you don’t care to do, or have the time to do in your busy schedule. We love watching the smile on customer’s faces when they see how clean their house and villa is without having to do anything at all.

If you’re ready to let us do all the hard work and heavy lifting…and elbow grease is not something that you desire… then book your housekeeper now.

It’s simple, and you can do it right online. If you have any questions feel free to give us a call at (917) 615-3374. We look forward to hearing from you. The finest housekeeping services Manhattan has to offer