House Cleaning Service in NYC 

If you live in NYC, then chances are you’ve got a pretty high-paced life. If you’ve got kids then it gets even crazier.

However, things still need to get done. House cleaning being one of them. As you’ve probably noticed, it’s one of those time consuming things that you don’t always feel like doing after a hard day’s work. That leaves the weekend, and well, nobody wants to spend their few free hours cleaning house.

That’s where Sterling Maids, the premier house cleaning service in NYC comes in to save the day for you.

How many times have you looked around your home, and wished that someone else would just take care of the mess? Because you have better things to do with your time. This is your chance to have that happen.

In fact this house cleaning service serving the New York City area is helping many of your neighbors do just that.

Why You Can 110% Trust Our NYC House Cleaners…

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One of the things that you’re likely concerned about is safety.

Letting someone into your home can be a little nerve wracking at first. We get that. That’s why we take every step to fully screen our house cleaners including criminal background history, and rigorously checking references.

After all our reputation relies on these home cleaners and your utmost satisfaction. We serve a very particular clientele in Manhattan. Your safety is our highest concern first and foremost. We do everything possible to make sure that we can trust our NYC house cleaners 110% to enter your home, and take care of that mess for you.

Sterling Maids Home Cleaning Service Trains Our House Cleaners

Once again…we’ve got a huge reputation to consider, and it means everything to us.

Because of that, our NYC home cleaners are trained for 3 weeks upon being hired, and are evaluated regularly and frequently to ensure our standards are being kept (and those standards are extremely high). In other words, our Sterling Maids will do an amazing job to get your home cleaned from top to bottom.

Your home is your castle. You should be treated like royalty.

From bathrooms, kitchens, and all living spaces, your home will likely be the cleanest it’s ever been once our NYC house cleaning crew leaves. Imagine taking a look around your freshly cleaned home…take a deep breath…and smiling knowing you could practically eat off the floors.

Best yet, you didn’t have to lift a finger to do it.

Get a Discount for Regular House Cleaning with Sterling Maids NYC

One thing that we know about even the cleanest house is that it gets dirty again.

That’s why you’ll likely want to hire our fully screened and trained NYC home cleaners to come in regularly to keep your house shining and sparkling.

Plus, you’ll actually save on your house cleaning service. This will free up your spare time to spend with family, friends, or just hang out in your NYC neighborhood.

It’s Easy to Book Our NYC Cleaning Service

Once again, this NYC house cleaning service is all about making your life much easier in every way that we can.

So we’ve made it simple to book our house cleaners online. We’ve use a highly secure online payment system, so that it’s fast and convenient for you.

If you’d rather talk to a human being (we understand completely) you can just give us a call at (917) 615-3374. And if you like to use email, shoot us a message at [email protected]

Either way, you’ll see that our NYC house cleaning service is eager to serve you to 100% satisfaction!